For Teachers

Twenty-first-century students need twenty-first-century sources of information.

As printed versions of newspapers are becoming more obsolete each day, teachers need to use the more interactive online media for current-event assignments. This website was designed with that in mind.

In this website, students and teachers can find exercise worksheets and links to important sources of information in English. We have tried to keep these assignments as simple as possible. The variety of news sources is comprehensive enough for students to find current and developing news around the world.

This website serves a variety of purposes beyond getting information. When using provided links and worksheets, students may:

a. Increase vocabulary using real news (highly recommended for ESL students)
b. Fulfill current event assignments for social studies, English, and almost any other subject in school
c. Develop argument skills through their response to editorials
d. Develop critical thinking skills (main idea, summarizing, conclusion, etc.)
e. Develop and/or improve writing skills, etc.




After having worked with these worksheets a few times, teachers will notice that students find online news sources less threatening as they learn how to navigate through the variety of links provided. Also, summarizing skills improve substantially over a short period of time.

Each teacher, based on curriculum, classes, students, and other variables, must determine the type of assignments students will do and the frequency they will visit this website and/or links provided. We recommend that teachers become familiar with worksheets first; then, select the ones that better support instruction and course objectives.

It is recommended that students are given an initial demonstration on how to navigate this website before they work on their own. Teachers can also assign current events by geographical areas, countries, types of news, and specific sources.

We will consider any suggestion to include specific and relevant news sources in this website; it will be highly appreciated.

Thank you for using www.mynewshomework.com, the FREE website for current-event assignments!